Reforming Business Rates appeals – “Check Challenge Appeal”

The Department for Communities and Local Government is currently considering the responses to the consultation period regarding this proposed new procedure in the rating system.

It is widely acknowledged that the current Business Rates appeal system is widely open to abuse and is in need of improvement and DCLG’s attempt at improving this is the Check Challenge Appeal process.

The basic principle is a 3 phase approach:

1 The ratepayer or their adviser checks the way in which the valuation in the rating list has been arrived at, including physical details.

2 If the make-up of the valuation is considered to be wrong, then this can be challenged with the Valuation Office and if the VO considers the challenge to be reasonable then they will either take steps to amend it or the right to appeal is granted.

3 An appeal can be made if it is deemed that valid grounds exist.

Under the proposed changes there would be only one opportunity per ratepayer per rating list to make such a challenge.